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Important Information

Welcome to Domain of the Wolf!

We are a semi realistic wolf based art and roleplay group with a little bit more emphasis on the realistic side. Similar to movies like Balto, Spirit, or The Lion King, our characters can speak to one another, have emotions, facial expressions, etc. But they should still for the most part act like, look like, and be like wolves!

Advisory Warning

DotW is a mature RP group, some material may be offensive to readers. The opinions expressed through characters in RPs and artwork do not reflect the views of DotW as a group. DotW does not condone the actions of characters in any media submitted to the group.
Reader and viewer discretion is advised.


Before signing for the Waiting List, please read the following important links!

DotW is a group with a member cap of 75.

We are currently accepting members who have signed up to be added to our Waiting List, which are invited as spots open up in our group!

Add your name to the Waitlist!

DotW runs on BRST time! (Clock)

DotW Theme

DotW theme by Storm-Blue

Seasonal Character Feature


With summer comes a long-beloved wolf as CotS: Ramala's Jarl of Fellfang, Fable! At the head of the Blood Curse plot and a prominent member of the Domain since 2014, Fable’s narrative and personality has not only captured the heart of Polaris, but of many! The Jarl himself was recently hit hard by the trickery of Valda, but now he’s back on his paws, and with the recent birth of his pups things only seem to be looking up! We can’t wait to see how the rest of his future unfolds. Congratulations, Rams!


Character nominations are open for the Fall 2018 Character of the Season! Nominations will be open for the entire Summer Season, the months of June, July and August!

To nominate the next Character of the Season, please fill out our google form: HERE

Members who submit at least one nomination in a season will earn 1 bone!

You must follow these requirements:
  • Must not be your own character
  • Must come with a few sentences explaining why this should be the next character of the season (the player is very active, there is a super cool plot happening, etc. etc.)

Gallery Folders

Domain of the Wolf Map by Halkuonn
Chandor Landmarks by Zoketi
Vale Territory and Landmarks (Updated) by FaIIenShadows
Aryn Landmarks by WynBird
Group Member Folders
DotW Damasca Application Sheet by WynBird
DotW Tentaka Application Sheet by WynBird
DotW Highvalley Application Sheet by WynBird
DotW Heyl Application Sheet by WynBird
Chandor Pack Art and Literature
Vale Pack Art and Literature
DotW: Voices (Alarion Plot p.5) by Joshua-Kim
Aryn Pack Art and Literature
DotW: Morning Stroll (COLLAB) by Wolfess4
Fellfang Pack Art and Literature
[DoTW] I'll never be your son anyway... by Nfinite-Blue
{DoTW} No More Tears by EternalHusky
Vektren Pack Art and Literature
To Serve the Gods by KelpGull
Sick of Losing Soulmates by Ariel-Hunter
Heyl Pack Art and Literature
Highvalley Pack Art and Literature
Typical Morning by Wildfire-Tama
DotW: I'm Scared by lightningspam
Dotw: Under the sea by ShishiNoSeirei
Dumbfounded by akllozz
Tentaka Pack Art and Literature
DotW} Waiting by MagnoliaNight44
Flama meets a kid by Wolfess4
dotw -- like a river runs by iBadge
Drown by TimberRifle
Damasca Pack Art and Literature
Apex predators by chupacabrra
Lone Wolf Art and Literature
Follow You [Summer Loner Prompt: Storm] by Jaeggy
Other Creatures Art and Literature
[DotW] Nothing Good by Zoketi
Monthly Special Events
[DOTW] I'm Sorry - June MSE by toboe5tails
Open Adoptions
DotW | Kitu Pups | Tryouts WINNERS ANNOUNCED!! by FrostedCanid
Spam Art
DotW :: Too Many Years of Bellamier by The-Moniklr


We will affiliate with any roleplay groups that have been around for at least a month and have at least 10 members as well as any other wolf related groups that have their affiliates widget visible :)

DotW Packs

Domain of the Wolf Map by Halkuonn

:star: Reminder to members:
Don't forget to turn in your bones! :star:

Sanctuary | Peaceful | Naturalistic | Protective | Hugs

Chandor is currently OPEN!

Devoted | Steadfast | Aloof | Tenacious

Vale is currently CLOSED!

Diplomatic | Familial | Tenacious | Passionate | Theism

Aryn is currently CLOSED!

Nordic | Code of Honor | Witchdoctors | Mysterious

Fellfang is currently CLOSED!

Devout | Occultism | Hired Killers | Insidious | Devious

Vektren is currently CLOSED!

Heyl is currently OPEN!

Elitists | Graceful | Blood Status | Prideful | Aristocratic

Highvalley is currently CLOSED!

Artistry | Honor | Dedication | Reverence | Unity

Tentaka is currently OPEN!

Daredevils | Nomadic | Resilient | Survivalist Thieves | Worldly

Damasca is currently OPEN!

Loners are currently CLOSED!
Other Creatures are currently OPEN!

Pack Application is currently CLOSED!
Pack Sponsorship is currently CLOSED!


:iconwynbird: :iconramala: :iconfrostedcanid: :iconzoketi:
:iconnaviira::iconfaiienshadows: :iconfireshrike: :iconarcadiasa:

Special thanks to the retired Founders of DotW,
Quailmix and MatrixPotato!

Newest Members


1. chupacabrra with Sirius in Damasca!
2. OneMinuteSketch with Tieru in Chandor!
3. Kii-To-Your-Heart with Lone in Chandor!
4. iBadge with Reahla in Tentaka!
5. MagnoliaNight44 with Kuro in Tentaka!
6. TahkiBK with Omen in Heyl!
7. Scowliiish with Kaneda in Damasca!
8. chimeraoncaffeine with Brimman in Damasca!
9. AlphaLeopard with Hylia in Tentaka!
10. Xaishi with Seia in Chandor!



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Even If I won't get to join this group, I'll wait for next year maybe. ( I'm really discouraged, I've been waiting forever and I can never find the right time. ;-; )
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Man, I'd love to join this group! I just wish there were more options for those who do literature.
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Congrats Ramala
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Beautiful Fable <3 Congrats Ramala!
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Congrats Ramala on CotS! <3 You and Fable are beyond deserving of this honour! <3
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