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Seasonal Character Feature


This Winter's Character of the Season is Jaeggy's Seeker of Highvalley, Gwyndolyn! Noble, proud, hardworking, and ruthless - Gwyn is an exceptional product of Highvalley’s aristocratic yet unforgiving society. Despite being born into a world that seemed to have her life planned out for her, this Highvallian’s journey has been anything but predictable. Jilted by her betrothed and set adrift by the loss of her father, Gwyn has been catapulted into the intrigue of Highvalley court. But true to her blood, this uneven ground is where Gwyn finds her stride. We have all been captivated by her hopes and struggles - it’s impossible not to root for this girl! Congratulations, Jae!


Character nominations are open for the Spring 2018 Character of the Season! Nominations will be open for the entire Winter Season, the months of December, January, and February!

To nominate the next Character of the Season, please note the group with a note titled "CotS Nomination."
You must follow these requirements:
  • Must not be your own character
  • Must come with a few sentences explaining why this should be the next character of the season (the player is very active, there is a super cool plot happening, etc. etc.)

Newest Members


1. xCinderfrostx with Calumina in Highvalley!
2. SpookyWonders with Aragon in Highvalley!
3. JaywolfKip with Kendan in Highvalley!
4. SaskedieJagerin with Ian in Fellfang!
5. Koeyohte with Oll in Fellfang!
6. toboe5tails with Kaen in Chandor!
7. Artistic-Twist with Amalthea in Highvalley!
8. AlphaWolfAda with Gretchen in Fellfang!
9. TheCatsPupil with Miron in Vektren!
10. Sychynte with Daenerys in Aryn!

Winter Updates!

Journal Entry: Thu Nov 30, 2017, 7:23 PM

All our usual updates have been made! The bones log is reset, the waitlist wash is up, the MSE has been updated, and DotW's front page is sporting a stylish winter coat! We have a lot of big updates to go along with this seasonal change - it's very important so please read it all!  Snowman la by LunarBlueWolf

Before we get to the fun stuff, we need to address something important - there has been a growing trend involving members attempting to micromanage one another. This includes, but is not limited to: hostility towards members who choose not to play DotW the same way as one's self, disdain towards members who are offered leeway on activity checks, being overly pushy/possessive about plots, and a gossipy and passive-aggressive mentality towards people with differing viewpoints. D:

Staff is always focused on the health of the community and the security of all members, and it is for this very reason that we feel the need to bring such an uncomfortable subject up. This is NOT directed at any one particular person or event, rather it is a growing trend that we have become aware of and feel the need to address! DotW is meant to be a close-knit and welcoming community, but it can only be that way if you, and I, and all of us as members actively choose to be conscientious and courteous! 

As the Season of Giving approaches, we encourage all members to think about how their words and actions effect others, even indirectly. Not everyone will choose or even be able to put the same amount of effort into their art that you do. Not everyone can be as active as you are. Not everyone has the same plans and goals for being in DotW as you. Be respectful of this, and do not let another person's choices effect the way YOU choose to be a part of this group! DotW has a setting with few limitations by design, and we feel it is better to offer everyone as much autonomy as possible. Don't you?

The sort of behavior we are seeing is very uncharacteristic of our community, and we are confident that this simple reminder is all anyone will need to redirect their energy towards a more inclusive and generous mindset!

NOW on to the fun stuff! Thanks for keeping up with us so far guys, you're the best! :heart:


Red Dot Adjustment

After consideration, we've decided to reduce the amount of time members keep red dots on their account! Instead of lasting a year, red dots have been reduced to 6 months! Several members will be losing red dots from their names alongside this turnover! 

Always remember, you can note the group at least a week before the end of the month for forgiveness from the activity check, should anything come up that prevents you from submitting a bone! ^^


Loner Bones Change

We are excited to announce a change to the loner bone fee coming up! Regulation of the loner faction has always been a bit tricky, as loners are by far one of the most popular types of characters to play despite the group being pack-focused! Balancing populations in a group with a limited number of members is an ongoing process; loners has consistently proven to be the most difficult case. But we love loners, and we love the people who play loners! We've taken member feedback into account and been hard at work deliberating additions or alternatives to the current system. After several weeks of debate, we've narrowed it down to two potential prompt-based changes we'd like to try out.

The first option is to change the bone fee to a seasonal survival prompt. Loners must reply to the prompt before the end of the season or they will be removed for inactivity. The prompt is worth a bone, and Loners never lose bones this way. However, they will be more harshly penalized for failing to answer the prompt.

The second option is to add a survival prompt as an alternative to the bones fee. The prompt is worth a bone, but Loners who do not reply to the prompt will lose two bones instead. It is less hard-lined than the previous option, but there is still a potential bone deduction. If a character fails to respond to the prompt and doesn't have enough bones to pay the fee, the character will be marked inactive.

Members are strongly encouraged to reply to the poll that was noted out, voting on the alternative that they would prefer! Voting closes in two weeks. Whichever option is most strongly favoured, we will implement for the future loner checks. If you did not receive a link to this poll, it can be found in the Discord "Announcements" tab or you may contact a moderator for a link!

In addition to this, winter's loner bone fee has been waived! :hooray: The next loner check will take place in spring according to whatever is voted in on the poll!

Member Feedback Survey

In that same vein, last month all members should have received a link to a member survey! While staff is always available to talk to members about suggestions, concerns, or questions, we recognize that bringing these things up can be difficult even in ideal situations. This survey allows members to provide feedback anonymously if desired! We will be reviewing all responses in January and, depending on how the survey goes, will look at offering this tool yearly or bi-yearly to members! If you did not receive a link to the poll, you can find a link in the "Announcements" tab of the Discord chat or contact a moderator for help!


Chandor Updates

Chandor has received some exciting new updates! You should definitely go take a gander at their new page!


New CotS!

Everyone extend a huge round of applause to Jaeggy and Gwyndolyn on being chosen as for Winter's CotS! A longstanding member with many captivating characters, congratulations on a feature well deserved Jae! :happybounce:


Secret Santa!

Secret Santas have gone out! You are free to submit your gift at any time between the day you get your name and January 6th! When you submit your gift you may cash it in for two bones for your choice of any of your characters, and these two bones do not count toward the 6 bone monthly limit (which means you can gain 8 bones total for a character with this!), AS LONG AS it is before January 6th 2018! (If you submit after the deadline you will get no bones… and also it will be upsetting)


Meme Revival Event

This holiday season, we are thrilled to announce our December gift! For this month, all passed group memememes are being featured again! THE DEAD MEMES LIVEEE :la: You can find all the templates by scrolling through the group's featured folder, and they'll all count for the featured bones price! IT'S CHRISTMAS (literally x'D)

This means: 
That's all for now! Thank you to everyone who has been a part of DotW, and for making this such a great year for the group! Bring it on, 2018!

Snowman emote by LunarBlueWolf

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We will affiliate with any roleplay groups that have been around for at least a month and have at least 10 members as well as any wolf related groups that have their affiliates widget visible :)

Important Information


Welcome to Domain of the Wolf! Before joining,
please read the following important links

Domain of the Wolf Map by Halkuonn

We are a semi realistic wolf based art and roleplay group with a little bit more emphasis based on the realistic side. Similar to movies like Balto, Spirit, or The Lion King, our characters can speak to one another, have emotions, facial expressions, etc. But they should still for the most part act like, look like, and be like wolves.

New members start with one character and are permitted after a full Season (three months) to create more. After two, extra characters will cost "bones" which can be read about in the link provided above. New members must also start out in a pack, your first character may not begin as loner. Remember, you must have a character application filled out before you can join, and make sure to read all of the links above prior to submitting your application.

DotW is a group with a member cap of 75. We are currently accepting members who have signed up to be added to our Waiting List, which are invited as spots open up in our group.

Our activity requirements state that you must earn at least one bone a month (see links above for more information on bones). Understand that this is just the minimum, as we recognize that school, work, and life come first. However, if you cannot contribute to the group at least once a month, or if you can only handle the minimum activity requirement, we ask you to consider if joining DotW is the best decision. We appreciate your understanding!

hi quail

Advisory Warning
DotW is a mature RP group, some material may be offensive to readers. The opinions expressed through characters in RPs and artwork do not reflect the views of DotW as a group. DotW does not condone the actions of characters in any media submitted to the group. Reader and viewer discretion is advised.

Chandor is: OPEN to current members!
Vale is: CLOSED!
Aryn is: CLOSED!
Fellfang is: OPEN to current members!
Vektren is: OPEN to current members!
Heyl is: OPEN to current members!
Highvalley is: CLOSED!
Loners are: CLOSED!
Other Creatures are: OPEN to current members!

Pack Applications and Sponsorship is on rolling status!

:star: Reminder to members!
Don't forget to turn in your bones! :star:


:iconramala: :iconfrostedcanid:
:iconzoketi: :iconnaviira::iconfaiienshadows:

Special thanks to the retired Founders of DotW, Quailmix and MatrixPotato!

Group Status

Add your name to the Waitlist

DotW runs on BRST time! (Clock)

DotW theme by Storm-Blue


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